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A sudden decrease in signal strength indicates passing directly over the raft. Power source for Radar Set AN/CPT-2 is two 1-1/2volt "A" batteries and one 93-1/2 volt "B" battery. This set is similar in purpose to the British T3180 (Walter)butis improved mechanically and is designed for American production techniques. Test equipment required for use in maintenance and operation of the equipment includes Test Equipment IE-56-A and Signal Generator BC-906-C or D. AAF requirements as of 1 February 1945 were 5,000 for the calendar year 1945.

Thepatternis uniform in azimuth, 3 db down at 5 degrees above or below the horizontal. There is a special two-element broad beam antenna for shipboard installation. Poweris obtainedfroma 115/230 volt, 50-70 cps source with a power consumption of 2 kilowatts and a peak power output of 25 to 50 kilowatts. Maximum range of the equipment is 100 miles. Radio Set AN/CPN-6 installed as ground July 1945 tt o. Test equipment required for the maintenance of Radio Set AN/CPN-6 includes Detector Amplifier Assembly AN/UPA-1, Voltmeter IS-189, Synchroscope TS-28/ UPM, Voltage Divider TS-89/AP, Radio Frequency Test Load TS-108/AP, Test Set TS-120/UP.

Whenboth coils are used in series a signal delay equivalent to a 350-foot altitude is obtained. The known delay periods provide a means for checking the calibration of the altimeter systems under test, by observing their altitude indications. The variable attenuator, calibrated in decibels from 30 to 100 and used in conjunction with the delay lines, provides a voltage attenuation equivalent to actual signal loss and allows a check of overall system sensitivity and tuning. The indicator used with Test Set TS-10/APN and TS-10A/APN consists of a tuned dipole with a lamp, which can be attached to or used in close proximity to the altimeterantenna.

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