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The Getty Museum homes a great number of historic painted vases. This quantity, the 5th within the Occasional Papers on Antiquities subseries on Greek vases, follows the path taken through previous volumes by means of introducing formerly unpublished information regarding the works. most significantly for students and scholars of vase-painting, those volumes offer extra entry to the works via large illustrations, descriptions, and reconstructions

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284. 64. Recueil Dugas, pp. 71-73, p l . X V I . 2 ; Wiencke, pp. 293-294, pl. 56, fig. 6. 65. The interpretation given also by Beazley, Development (note 54), p. 77; Schefold (note 46), p. 207. 66. Childs, p l . 2. 67. Cf. Wiencke, p. 299. 68. Childs, pl. 4, pp. 66-67, w i t h n. 74 (p. 67) for other, related monuments. 69. , pl. 2. 70. M o t t a (note 53), pp. 28-29. 71. The celebration o f the Trojans is mentioned by Proklos as part o f the Little Iliad: A . Severyns, La Vita Homeri et les sommaires du cycle, Recherches sur la Chrestomathie de Proclos, vol.

Attic black-figured hydria o f the Leagros Group. Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek 1700. Photos courtesy Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek. necessary to produce very similar forms i n noncon­ tiguous areas, periods, or cultures. These arguments can be countered by the numerous points o f contact between the Cypro-Phoenician silver bowls and the Greek vases that depict cities, on the one hand, and on the other by the fact that the Greek tradition quickly evolves its o w n distinctive vocabulary.

O n a much simpler level, the conflation o f the deaths o f Astyanax and Priam represents the same pro­ cess. Even i f the scene appears to us macabre, appar­ ently depicting Neoptolemos swinging Astyanax over his shoulder, about to bludgeon Priam to death w i t h the child, the painter achieves a powerful statement 67 68 6 9 70 71 72 36 Childs w i t h the juxtaposition o f the deaths o f the oldest and youngest members o f the royal house o f Troy, the annihilation o f the f a m i l y . It is impossible to know whether there was a literary source for the sentiment, or whether a vase-painter thought it up.

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