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By J.B. Wood

This brief booklet teaches you the way to take aside and reassemble your Beretta 92S with self belief. because of transparent Assembly/Disassembly directions and crisp images - aided by way of gun specialist J.B. Wood's sage recommendation - you are going to store a dear journey to the gunsmith by way of discovering your gun inside and outside!

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If the hammer pivot has not been removed, pry the slide hold-open spring out and down, and detach it from the hold-open block toward the rear. The spring retains the block, and the block can now be slid straight up and out of the frame. 12. Lift the slide latch to clear the frame at the rear, and move it toward the left. 13. After the slide latch is moved slightly outward, use a small tool to lift the rear arm of the latch spring from its recess in the latch and remove the latch toward the left side.

In reassembly, a tool must be inserted to depress the plunger as the safety-lever is put back into place. Reassembly Tips: When replacing the trigger bar, insert a tool from the top of the frame to lift the rear arm of the trigger spring, hooking it over the inward projection of the bar. When replacing the slide latch, remember that the rear arm of its spring must be lifted into its recess on the inner projection of the latch. When replacing the firing pin and extractor, use a slave pin to hold these parts in place while driving in the retaining pin.

17. Removal of the slide latch and its spring will free the trigger pin to be taken out toward the left. The trigger and trigger spring are then removed up out of the frame. 18. Drifting out the roll pin at the lower rear of the grip frame will free the plug which forms the housing and base for the mainspring. Removing the housing downward will relieve the tension of the mainspring and allow its removal. Drifting out the large pin at the upper rear of the frame will free the hammer and hammer strut for removal from the top.

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