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By Ken Ramage

Includes articles and product stories at the most modern firearms on hand- Illustrated catalog part comprises present pricing- Reference part features a web site listing and parts of the palms Library

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The original Marlin 512 was thus exactly that: a birch-stocked The forward placement of the Marlin’s bolt handle necessitated a unique sidemounted scope base. fm Page 45 Friday, September 10, 2004 8:13 PM The A-Bolt The Browning A-Bolt was probably the best factory-made slugger but its lofty price tag drove it out of the market. Model 55 Goose Gun with its famed 38-inch smoothbore barrel replaced by a 21-inch, 1:28 twist rifled barrel. The original 512 was actually a closer cousin to the Model 55S that Marlin marketed in the 1960s.

While the Marlin 512 The Tar-Hunt custom slug gun looks like an old and Mossberg 695 were Remington 788 on steroids. popular, the latter being referred to as a "retail reduce barrel jump and to help home run" in its first few years loosen sabots on the exiting on dealer shelves, both have slugs, which apparently allows since been discontinued due to them to drop off simultaneously, flagging sales. Mossberg may thus improving accuracy. , shootermake room in its line for the SSigun builder has achieved several One top-break slug-gun, while sub-half inch, 100-yard, five-shot Marlin’s only current slug gun groups with the 45-pound bench version of the gun and currently supplies barreled actions to all major slug manufacturers for their R&D work.

D EER G UNS Travel by any means causes unaccountable changes in your scope alignment. You should always arrive at a hunting destination in time to check your zero. fm Page 31 Friday, September 10, 2004 8:02 PM The shooting range before hunting season is where you iron any of the kinks out of your shooting system: gun, scope, mounts and rings, recoil pads and ammo. Once you have tight groups at your chosen distance, find a place to practice some of those odd and unexpected shot presentations that deer will inevitably give you in the woods.

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