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By Nick Hahn

While various gun makers over the centuries have bought weapons in numbers that meet the million mark, it is infrequent to take action with only a unmarried version. yet Remington did it, and so they did it with a gun that defines simplicity, reliability, and dependability: the version 870 shotgun. Now, Gun Digest, in collaboration with famous shotgun writer and specialist Nick Hahn, brings you a party of that one outstanding gun in Gun Digest e-book of the Remington 870.

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Still, despite the fact that the Model 12 had lost its No. 1 standing as the best seller, it was still considered a top choice of many. So, when Winchester dropped the Model 12 altogether, the company completely lost its standing in the pump-gun arena. Desperate to regain ground, Winchester slated its new Model 1200 as the answer to its absence from the pump-gun scene—or, at least that’s what the bean counters in Winchester management thought. The Model 1200 had an alloy receiver and cheaply made stamped parts—and it was a disaster, one that simply increased the popularity of the Remington Model 870 even more.

As a result, hunters became much more mobile and were able to go to places they hadn’t been able to before. In the old days, going long distances for hunting usually required railway travel. After the war, it was travel by car. And naturally, the increase in interest in hunting brought about an increase in demand for sporting arms. After the war demand, for repeating shotguns was so great that Browning could not keep up with the production of its Belgian-made guns, so it contracted Remington to make the autoloader for them for a period of four years, from 1947 until 1951.

It is about a shotgun that is found in all corners of the world and in the hands of the rich and the poor. It is about everybody’s shotgun. —Nick Hahn, Litchfield Park, Arizona, March 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The idea to write a book about America’s best selling and most popular shotgun was not something that I had developed on my own and decided to pursue. S. Pearsall, who proposed it to me and shepherded the project until it was completed. I am most grateful to Jennifer and to Jim, who have been extremely supportive and helpful during this project from beginning to end.

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