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By Phillip Peterson

This collector’s consultant to hugely collectible team referred to as the attack guns supplies an outline of alternative different types of attack firearms, explains relative shortage, outlines revenue capability and producer transformations, lists gun values, and contains professional purchaser tips.

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EXC. G. GOOD 1400 1000 800 ◼ M-14 BEGINNING NATIONAL MATCH Built with excellent condition USGI parts and an air gauged premium barrel. Made 1993-96. EXC. G. GOOD 1500 1100 950 ◼ M-14 NM (NATIONAL MATCH) Offered with three barrel weights, NM sights, op rod and other parts. Introduced 1987. EXC. G. GOOD 1600 1250 1000 ◼ M-21 MATCH RIFLE NM rear lugged receiver. Custom barrel, stock and sights. EXC. G. -made receiver and Israeli parts in original metric dimensions. Parts are interchangeable with FN Belgium made parts.

Indd 58 8/25/08 8:37:44 PM B MSRP 1095 EXC. G. 800 GOOD 700 BUSHMASTER CARBON 15 TYPE 97 PISTOL ▶ Bushmaster Carbon 15 9mm Pistol 9x19mm NATO caliber AR type pistol. Receivers, forend and other parts are molded of durable, water resistant carbon fiber composite. Operating controls are similar to any AR-15 type firearm, and safety lever markings are color coded for quick, easy identification. 7-1/4 inch chrome moly steel barrel includes a birdcage flash hider for control of muzzle rise. Bolt carrier, and other critical steel parts are manganese phosphate finished for protection against corrosion or rust.

Shipped with two 30 round magazines. G. GOOD 400 375 350 325 ▶ GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SIDE FOLD Semi-auto rifle with side folding composite stock and original Romanian pattern wood forward pistol grip, Cal. 62x39mm. indd 62 8/25/08 8:37:46 PM C compensator and bayonet lug. Shipped with two 30 round magazines and a bayonet. G. GOOD 475 450 525 400 CENTURY INTERNATIONAL GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SIDE FOLD ▶ GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SLIDE STOCK Semi-auto rifle with CAR-15 style collapsible stock, cal. 62x39mm. Wood forearm.

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