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By Grant Cunningham

In this excerpt from the Gun Digest publication of the Revolver, provide Cunningham compares revolvers with semi-autos, information the professionals and cons of every and is helping you opt the easiest revolver for CCW.

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I will concede that finger grooves may have some benefit if one is accustomed to using a weak, target-shooting-style grasp. ) If you’re shooting targets in single action with such a grasp, finger grooves might make sense. Since this book is about double action revolvers, and a weak grasp isn’t conducive to good double action shooting, I don’t consider this much of an argument for the grooves. Make sure the grip fits your hand and your hand fits the gun, develop a properly strong grasp, and you won’t need finger grooves and their disadvantages.

Only a few relatively rare Colt revolvers were made with round butts. Unlike their S&W counterparts, the Colt rounding was not dramatic. It usually took the form of a large radius on the bottom corners rather than a reshaped backstrap. Like the S&W conversions a skilled gunsmith can achieve the same effect, but the downside is that grips will need to be custom made. The factory Colt round butts were very uncommon even when they were available, and today there are no stock grips made for those guns.

This results in the barrel being parallel with the ground when the gun is below the line of sight. The round butt profile puts the grip’s main contact point into the center of the palm. The grip angle is a little steeper than the square butt. The round butt has the advantage of being smaller and easier to conceal, as the profile is less likely to poke through a covering garment. Its slightly shorter trigger reach is generally preferred by smaller handed shooters. In the past S&W offered both square and round butt versions in many (if not most) of their models.

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