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In recent times, the most learn parts have been photonuclear reactions and meson productions by utilizing the 1st high-duty tagged photon beam and the TAGX spectrometer. even though this box is constructing really swiftly, the synchrotron was once closed in 1999 after 37 years of operation, and those actions proceed at new amenities. It used to be therfore a great time to debate the current prestige and destiny instructions of this box at this celebration. The Symposium was once attended by means of eighty five physicists and 35 talks have been provided. This booklet comprises the papers awarded within the medical software of the Symposium. elements of kaon photoproduc

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D. Leupold Hay shig k , Kling , Aoki er atum-ib d. Nak h ra, Wu, U. and Jar el S. et hep-lat/9 0 137. The and Prog. M Maximum W. Mosel, Phys. S. Asakw, J . E. H Theor. Gubernatis, Phys. Le, (19) Rev. N . Silver e t a l . , Phys. B . Leinw b r, Phys. D. zovkaM and G . A. S. C a p i t a n i , C. A l t o n and Ph. de Forc and et a l . , J . 42 S. 52 R . K. B r y a n , Eur. Biophys. 62 The MILC code ver. anhdoilc/ :pt h 27. Y. Iwaski e t a l . , Phys. 82 E . G . Drukarev and E. T. H a t s u d a , T .

34 (1984) and (1982) Phys. Rev. Levai 02 KO, fo (1973) 30 1346. Let . B350 rol C (19 5) Phys. Sum Rev. 45. 107 Let . Wilczek, Phys. 85 Nucl. D CQ Le, hon r (World Let . (1973) Nucl. it/ Miyamur , M. Weis, F. Phys. Rev. Friman Rep. Shuryak Let . Kunih ro, Rev. 30 Phys. Phys. Schaef r, An . Phys. Phys. V. T. Phys. (1985) and in Chromdynaics, Let . Phys. Iwado, dna and and Love, Prog. Proce dings, Struce B261 Physic, Quant m fo J . Per y, revi w; ’97 ’9 Leutwyl r, Rept. lacitero hT Rev. M. T. Raj gopal Schafer, Wilczek, Phys.

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