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By Larry Correia

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A New Novel of exchange History/Fantasy event by way of the writer of the Hit Novel, Monster Hunter International.
AN unique alternate PAPERBACK.
A Hard-Boiled deepest Eye stuck among Opposing Forces in a mystery warfare Waged by way of Magic.

             Jake Sullivan is a warfare hero, a personal eye—and an ex-con. He’s loose simply because he has a mystical expertise, having the ability to modify the strength of gravity in himself and gadgets in his neighborhood, and the Bureau of research calls on him once they desire his assist in apprehending criminals with their very own magical skills. however the final operation he was once despatched alongside to assist with went thoroughly incorrect, and Delilah Jones, the girl the G-men have been after, who simply occurred to be an outdated good friend of Jake’s in happier occasions, had loads of magical muscle along with her, an excessive amount of muscle for the law enforcement officials to deal with, regardless of Jake’s support.

             It acquired worse. Jake figured out that the Feds had lied to him approximately Delilah being a assassin in addition to a financial institution robber, and so they had lied approximately this being his final activity for them—he was once too worthwhile for them to permit him cross. And issues have been even worse than Jake imagined. there has been a mystery warfare being waged by way of opposing forces of magic-users, and Jake had no concept that he had simply attracted the eye of 1 facet, whose ruthless leaders have been of the opinion that Jake used to be a ways too risky to be approved to stay . . .

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