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By William F. Wu

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Jane said nothing more. Steve and Hunter found the camp on the far slope. A single large command tent stood at the top. Two unhitched wagons stood next to it, full of closed wooden crates. Small campfire sites, cold at the moment, dotted the area, surrounded by small bundles of furs and cloth bags. Cynric met them there and showed them which campfire belonged to their squad. He also pulled some old blankets out of a crate in one wagon and gave them to Steve and Hunter. The other squad members had not come back yet.

Just as Steve and Hunter reached them, Cynric raised his spear and turned his horse. He led the squad away in a canter. Steve kicked his own mount and followed. His young horse eagerly took off. Hunter’s mount also moved into a canter, more reluctantly. Steve left him behind as the squad rode across the open grassland. Soon Cynric took the squad into a full gallop. Then, without warning, he pulled up sharply. Just as the squad gathered around him, he kicked his mount again and took off in another direction.

Ah. ” Bedwyr shrugged. ” “Who would know? ” Steve waited, hoping Bedwyr would offer to help. When he did not, Steve decided to ask him outright. Steve only hoped he would not offend the warrior in some unpredictable way. “Could you introduce me to this person? ” “Mm, well, how about another drink, Steve? ” Bedwyr grinned. “You really want to find this fellow. ” Steve laughed. ” “I’ll talk to a friend,” said Bedwyr slowly. “But no promises. ” “We’ll see who’s on sentry duty this watch. ” Steve grinned in the darkness.

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