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Let the unit cost of the unused capacity be denoted by SCy(T). In fact, SCy may be equal to the regular unit cost C^ or somewhat less. The annual fuel cycle cost C(T) is now increased by SC5(T)SX5(T) and Eq. 20) is amended by C»(T) - C(T) + Scl(T) · SX5(T) . 33) The modified value C*(T) instead of C(T) should be used in the cost minimi­ zation procedure of Eq. 21). 33) define a general method to include penalty payments in the cost optimization. Similar considerations, as those given here with regard to the reprocessing capacity, can be applied to any other stage of the fuel cycle.

44 NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE OPTIMIZATION VALUE OF SPENT FUEL The choice between the LWR fuel cycle alternatives, once-through utilization of uranium, reprocessing and uranium recycle only or reprocessing and both plutonium and uranium recycle, is often oversimplified by raising the ques­ tion as to whether the spent fuel discharged from reactors is an asset or rather a liability. As soon as the alternatives are analyzed using a reli­ able cost data base the decision can, in principle, be made on the basis of the fuel cycle optimization model.

1 Reference Notation for Fuel Cycle Processes and Nuclear Materials Stage Reference Notation Nuclear Material Enrichment F NU, RU Fuel Fabrication F blending Reactor F U, Μ Cooling Pond C U, Μ IS U, Μ Disposal D U, Μ Reprocessing R U, Μ Plutonium Storage PS PU Plutonium Disposition out of the Cycle PD PU Interim Storage NU RU U Μ » = » = Natural uranium Recycle uranium Uranium fuel Mixed oxide fuel Let A refer to any of the blocks in Fig. 1. e. A varies among F, C, IS, D, R, PS and PU. Similarly, if Β denotes the type of fissile materials, then Β can obtain labels NU, RU, U, Μ and PU.

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