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By Professor Chris Kitchin BA, BSc, PhD, FRAS (auth.)

"l desire that individuals everywhere in the international always remember what a superb factor it truly is to lie in your again and search for on the stars" Pete Seeger what's the fascination that constellations carry for individuals? there are possibly as many various solutions to that query as there are humans. for lots of, notwithstanding, the constella­ tions are the stepping-off element into the very good, mind-bending discoveries and ideas of contemporary astronomy. For others it's their lengthy and interesting background that beckons. For a few humans the constellations give you the ability for navigation and orientation over the outside of the Earth, and naturally there are the hundreds of thousands who position a few religion in horo­ scopes. yet for many humans the styles within the sky are a stunning a part of their environ­ ment to be precious along the forests, fields and rivers that make existence worthy dwelling. notwithstanding simply as we're wasting our eco-friendly surroundings to toxins, so we're wasting our sky. The glow from towns internationally swamps the celebs within the evening sky. Astronomers have needed to retreat to distant mountain tops to flee that mild pollutants. the remainder of us needs to make do with what's to be had. From the centre of a urban, or the other brightly lit quarter, most likely no stars in any respect could be seen even at the clearest of nights. From the suburbs, the brighter stars should still ordinarily be seen.

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S· ·.. ··........ N AURIGA · ...... · i f ; .......... . ~ . . P:•.. ... PERSEUS " '. ,/ Pleiades y .. t>":'-ea "': . Algol : . " P P ~. .. \. ,» :. ____ \ . · · t<. ~~ :::.. - - y ... : .................... <~NDROME~~. ••... / .... 1RIANGULUM ,. ~ .... ...... . ARIES a It· I-' ............. PISCES (part on N~ ..... 24. ism. -- • ~~- - ---------. ---- - -- - . :' • __ .. r ------ ~~ - - , - -- - ----,-- - -~13 i~ : : \ ~ .. SQUARE OF "PEGASUS" h,__ __ --' -' ---------. a N f N \ .....

If after ten or fifteen minutes' searching you have not found the constellation, then you are probably not facing south, so check your orientation. Alternatively, if your latitude is north of about -35°, then some of the main stars of Crux may be below your horizon (see Chapter 4, also astronomy magazines and some national newspapers publish monthly sky charts showing the stars visible for the appropriate time of year, so you can check these if you suspect that Crux is below the horizon). In the latter case you can either try again at a different time of night or later in the year, or start with a different constellation (see below).

0: ...... '. :. : ) . CAPELLA ~-'"-'''-'':'' :P . .... S· ·.. ··........ N AURIGA · ...... · i f ; .......... . ~ . . P:•.. ... PERSEUS " '. ,/ Pleiades y .. t>":'-ea "': . Algol : . " P P ~. .. \. ,» :. ____ \ . · · t<. ~~ :::.. - - y ... : .................... <~NDROME~~. ••... / .... 1RIANGULUM ,. ~ .... ...... . ARIES a It· I-' ............. PISCES (part on N~ ..... 24. ism. -- • ~~- - ---------. ---- - -- - . :' • __ .. r ------ ~~ - - , - -- - ----,-- - -~13 i~ : : \ ~ .. SQUARE OF "PEGASUS" h,__ __ --' -' ---------.

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