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By Obert Skye

Whilst fifteen-year-old Beck Phillips travels through teach to the secluded village of Kingsplot to stay along with his prosperous yet estranged uncle, Beck discovers a few darkish kinfolk secrets and techniques. A buried basement, a forbidden wall, an outdated publication of kin heritage with peculiar references to... dragons? Beck's existence is ready to be replaced perpetually during this suspenseful story concerning the damaging nature of greed and the braveness to make issues correct. Pillage is full of Mr. Skye's signature humor in addition to a few very severe moments, together with a shock finishing, that may hold readers old and young engrossed and entertained.

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Those who fail the fortitude save by 11 or more, however, die during the process and do not emerge from the crumbling remains of the crystalline tomb. Though these unfortunates may be resurrected or otherwise returned to life, they may never attempt to enter this prestige class again. This channelling of energy continues each day for 30 days and any psion who contributes energy on the first day must continue to provide energy throughout the process.

Known as psychic mummies, these beings are most often created for a specific purpose by a group of like-minded psions. The process is difficult and very dangerous, with the potential for an agonising death for the subject. Those who successfully complete the entombment process emerge as psychic mummies, creatures quite different from what they were before. This process requires a psychic tomb, a crystalline box which is sealed and locked from the outside. The psychic tomb weighs 700 pounds and costs 3,000 gp.

Anyone who wants to contribute must be involved from the beginning and must continue to be involved until the very last day. At the end of this time, the subject may or may not be transformed into a psychic mummy and may even be killed by the process. Sustained by the psychic energies of his companions, his ability to absorb the energy pumped into the tomb will determine his ability to survive. At the end of 30 days, the subject must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 30). The psion receives a +1 circumstance bonus per additional 5th-level to 9thlevel psion who provides energy for the entombment process, a +2 circumstance bonus per additional 10thlevel to 14th-level psion who provides energy, and a +3 circumstance bonus per additional psion of 15th-level or greater who provides energy.

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