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The bandwidth needed for the transmission depends on the audio or modulating frequency. The two sidebands are equidistant from the carrier so the total bandwidth is twice the highest audio frequency. Modulating the carrier also increases the transmitted power. The formula above gave the amplitude (voltage) of the signal. If the power in the carrier is Pc then the total transmitted power is: ⎛m⎞ Pc + 2 × PC ⎜ ⎟ ⎝2⎠ 2 ⎛ m2 ⎞ ⎟ = Pc ⎜⎜1 + 2 ⎟⎠ ⎝ For 100% modulation, the total transmitted power is 150% of the carrier power, that is the carrier plus 25% in each sideband.

27 1: PRINCIPLES case that the lower order products (ie 3rd) will have a greater amplitude than higher order products. 57(b), should be at least 30dB down and preferably more. Intermodulation can also occur in other systems. In receivers it can occur in the 'front-end' if this operating at a non-linear level (due for example by being overloaded). ) the amateur band, intermodulation can occur between them. It should be noted that these signals may be outside the bandwidth of the later stages of the radio receiver but inside the band covered by the RF front end.

48. It will be noticed that the edges of the Morse are rounded off; the reason will be explained shortly in the section below. It is called CW or carrier wave because the carrier (the sine wave signal) is all that is transmitted. However we now know that is not quite correct. 49. Only the carrier is transmitted in the absence of modulation, the audio (or other) signal increasing and decreasing the transmitted amplitude. The depth of modulation, m, is given by the quantity B/A or B/A x 100%. It is desirable to achieve a reasonably high level of modulation but the depth must never exceed 100%.

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