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An advent to that groovy physique of knowledge which substands the non secular teachings of all teams through the a while. merely via studying the typical wellspring from which all their faiths have emerged will women and men actually come to appreciate their religious brotherhood, as teenagers of the only Father by way of no matter what identify they name Him. topics comprise: the Divine Plan, evolution of human cognizance, the religious Hierarchy, energies, the Seven Rays, karma, reincarnation, initiation, and a word list of esoteric phrases.

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Gradually, through meditation and service, the intelligence, the love-wis44 dom, and finally the will of God is contacted and known, and becomes part of the nature of the disciple. RO: What is the difference between meditation and prayer? BC: Prayer is often a largely emotional supplication for help, but at its highest is a heart communion with deity. Meditation is the method, more or less scientific, of contacting the soul and achieving union with the soul. There is no emotion involved. Prayer eventually will change and become invocation.

Krishna Because you are God, because you are divine, whatever your belief or non-belief, you can know God as an immediate experience in your life – in the way every child automatically, instinctively, does when it comes into the world, without having heard that it is born into a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim or a Hindu family. It is not concerned with that but with its experience. God is not concerned with whether you are a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Christian. These are temporary manifestations in time and place, and the accident of birth – where you happen to be born.

Of course there is not; you do not have the free will to do that. When you are in life, you have the free will to continue or to end your own life; everyone has that right. But you cannot do it without some reverse. If you take your own life, you have to come back and face the same situation. RO: So you don’t escape? BC: There is no escape until you have learned to be perfect. I do not mean perfect in the religious sense: being ‘good’ and believing this and not believing that, and doing this and not doing that.

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