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This guide is a reference guide released as an reduction in making plans, education, familiarization and identity of artillery ammunition, together with weapons, howitzers, recoilless rifles, mortars, 50mm grenade launchers, and artillery fuzes.

For every one merchandise of materiel, there are illustrations and outlines including features
and similar information. integrated within the comparable information are weight, dimensions, functionality info, packing, transport and garage information, sort class, and logistics keep watch over code.

THIS guide IS OVER 900 PAGES SO the total AMMO record won't healthy right here

Cartridge, 35 Millimeter: TP-T, M968 with Igniter, electrical, M63
Cartridge, 37 Millimeter: TP, M63, MOD 1
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: AP-T, M81A1 and M81
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: Dummy, M25
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: Dummy, M851 (For SGT YORK)
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: HE, M822 with Fuze Proximity, M766 (For SGT. YORK)
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: HEI, M811 with element Detonating Fuze M761 (For SGT YORK).
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: HE-T, SD, MK11, MK2, MV2870 and SD, M3 or M3A1, MV2700
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: HEI-T, SD, MK11, MK2, MV2890
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: TP, M813 (SGT YORK)
Cartridge, forty Millimeter: TP-T, M91
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: AP-T, M339
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: clean, M355A2
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: Canister, M363
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: HE, M352
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: HEAT-T, M496
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: HVAP-DS-T, M331A1 and M331A2
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: HVAP-T, M319
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: Smoke, WP, M361A1 or M361
Cartridge, seventy six Millimeter: TP-T, M340A1 and M340
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: AP-T, M77
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: AP-T, M318, MV2800; and M318 (T33E7)
or M318A1, MV3000
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: APC-T, M82
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: APERS-T, M580
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: clean, M394
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: Canister, M336
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: Canister, M377
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: Dummy, M12, M12B1, and M12B2
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: HE-T, M71A1, and HE, M71
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: warmth, M348A1 (T108E46) and M348 (T108E40).
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: HEAT-T, M431 (T300E59), M431A1, and M431A2
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: HVAP-T, M332A1
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: Smoke, WP, M313 and M313C
Cartridge, ninety Millimeter: TP-T, M353 (T22E1), M353A1 (M353E1), and M353A2
Cartridge, a hundred and five Millimeter: APDS-T, M392A2 and M392
Cartridge, one zero five Millimeter: APERS-T, M494
Cartridge, one hundred and five Millimeter: APFSDS-T, M900
Cartridge, one zero five Millimeter: Dummy, M457
Cartridge, a hundred and five Millimeter: HEP-T, M393A2 and M393A1
Cartridge, a hundred and five Millimeter: HEAT-T, M456 sequence
Cartridge, one zero five Millimeter: HEAT-T-MP, M456A2
Cartridge, one hundred and five Millimeter: Smoke, WP-T, M416
Cartridge, a hundred and five Millimeter: TP-T, M467
Cartridge, one zero five Millimeter: TP-T, M490
Cartridge, a hundred and five Millimeter: TP-T, M393A1
Cartridge, one hundred and five Millimeter: TP-T, M490A1

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This fixed cartridge is used for target practice in the Sgt York 40mm gun M247. Tabulated Data: STD MSR 05826003. Description: The projectile is filled with inert material and simulates the DIVAD combat round (HE M811). A rotating band encircles the projectile near the base where the projectile is assembled into the cartridge case. The projectile is painted blue with white markings. The cartridge case is brass and crimped to the projectile. The cartridge case contains approximately 515 grams of propellant.

Description: The cartridge is a fixed round of ammunition consisting of a projectile assembly and a cartridge case assembly. The projectile has an aluminum sabot body with 113 steel flechettes, an aluminum nosecap, a pusher cap, valve plate, spring, bore rider retaining disk, rubber pad, obturator and an expulsion charge. The cartridge case is aluminum with a high pressure and a low pressure chamber and a percussion primer. Functioning: When the firing pin of the Mk19 MOD 3 GMG strikes the percussion primer, propellant gases in the high-pressure chamber blow through vent holes into the low-pressure chamber to propel the projectile forward.

Nonpersistent toxic (casualty) nerve gas H ------------------ Mustard gas HC ----------------- Hexachloroethane-zinc HD ---------------- Distilled mustard gas HE ---------------- High explosive HT ---------------- Mixture of HD&T HEAT ------------ High explosive antitank HEAT-T-MP ---- High explosive antitank with tracer, multipurpose HEDP ------------ High explosive dual purpose HEI --------------- High explosive incendiary HEP -------------- High explosive plastic HERA ------------ High explosive rocket assisted HVAP ------------ Hypervelocity, armor piercing HVTP ------------ Hypervelocity, target practice ILLUM ---------- Illuminating LCC --------------- Logistics Control Code (class) MOD ------------- Modified MK ---------------- Mark MP .

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